The NSRR (Nuclear Safety Research Reactor) is a research reactor of TRIGA-ACPR (Annular Core Pulse Reactor) type, located in the Nuclear Science Research Institute (NSRI). The NSRR facility has been utilized for fuel irradiation experiments to study the behaviors of nuclear fuels under reactivity initiated accident (RIA) conditions.

Under the new regulation standards after the Fukushima Daiichi accident, the research reactors are being regulated according to the risk of the facility. Graded approach is introduced in the regulation. In order to apply the graded approach, the radiation effects of residents living around the NSRI under the external hazards were evaluated and the level of the risk of the NSRR facility was investigating. This report is summarized for the result of the evaluation in case the safety functions were lost by the tornado, earthquake and following tsunami.

As the result, the risk is confirmed to be low, since the effective dose of the residents has been below 5 mSv per event due to the loss of the safety functions by the tornado, earthquake and following tsunami.

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