Operation and decommissioning of nuclear facilities will produce radioactive waste, and different radionuclides in the waste will bring different hazards to the public and the environment. The waste would be sorted more reasonably by distinguishing different radionuclides. Yet it is still very difficult to measure directly the pure Beta radioactive waste in situ, though in situ Gamma-analytical and Alpha-waste-barrel measurement techniques have become more sophisticated. The aim is to propose a scientific technique to sort the radioactive waste in situ. This study focused on the 90Sr-contaminated material in China Institute of Atomic Energy and optimized the design of the existing solid waste disposal facilities. A novel technique to measure the radioactive waste 90Sr-90Y online was proposed, trying to sort the radioactive waste as optimally as possible to realize further separation of exemption waste. Theoretically, the exemption waste can be further sorted, and it can guide the design of radioactive waste disposal system.

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