Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) has designed and constructed a test facility for reactor coolant pumps (RCPs). In RCP test facility (RCPTF), it is possible to perform a type test for a newly-developed RCP as well as a production test for the Advanced Power Reactor 1400 (APR1400) RCP before its installation in nuclear power plants. The thermal hydraulic and electric capability of the RCPTF covers up to 18.5 MPa, 343 °C, 11.7 m3/s, and 14.0 MW for the design pressure, temperature, flow rate, and maximum electric power, respectively. In 2013, a commissioning test was performed to verify its designed capability, followed by several modifications in the RCPTF including signal processing and control logic to enhance the verification and evaluation capability of the RCP performance. During the commission test period, the technical activity for RCP performance verification test and optimization of flow stability have also been performed. The developed techniques can be divided into four subjects; 1) Development of flow stabilization technique for high flow condition test facility, 2) Improvement on the accuracy of performance verification factor and development of evaluation method, 3) Evaluation of test facility vibration characteristics and optimization of measurement system, and 4) RCP coast-down data production. KAERI has completed a full set of technique developments, a prerequisite for the RCP performance test.

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