In the framework of the ALFRED design (Advanced Lead Fast Reactor European Demonstrator) for DEMO-LFR, a new concept of steam generator (SG) has been proposed consisting in a double wall bayonet tube bundle which improves the plant safety reducing the possibility of water-lead interaction thanks to a double physical separation between them, and allowing an easier control of eventual leakages from the coolant by pressurizing the separation region with inert gas.

In order to support the development of this innovative SG configuration, the ENEA has designed and realized the HERO (Heavy liquid mEtal pRessurized water cOoled tubes) test section, a mock-up (1:1 in length) which represents the ALFRED SG. This test section, implemented in the CIRCE pool facility, aims to investigate on the thermal-hydraulic features of the system, providing a database for STH codes validation. The experimental campaign consists of high pressure tests at about 180 bar carried out in the framework of the HORIZON2020 SESAME project (Simulations and Experiments for the Safety Assessment of MEtal cooled reactors).

The secondary loop has been realized for the HERO SG feeding, consisting in an open loop circuit fed by demineralized water. The system is equipped with a volumetric pump and a heater in order to reach the water nominal working conditions of 335°C at the SG inlet and about 180 bar at the outlet.

A preliminary test analysis is carried out by RELAP5-3D© thermal-hydraulic system code. A numerical 1-D model of the HERO SG and the secondary loop has been realized in order to test the loop layout and to characterize the main components from a thermal-hydraulic point of view, defining the start-up procedures for the achievement of the working conditions of the water for the high pressure tests. Furthermore, several simulations are carried out to investigate on the secondary system behavior both for steady states and transients.

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