Steam submerged jetting is an important process in depressurization tank and condenser deaerator tank of nuclear power plant. As the steam contact the liquid water directly, some complicated behaviors such as strong turbulence and phase transition would happens. Especially when the sub-cooling degree is low, the condensation may cause vigorous pressure pulsation and radiation noise, which not only causes noise damage to workers but also affect the safety of the heat exchanger tubes bundle because of vibration transmission. An experiment is proposed to study the complex evolutionary behavior and vibration and noise characteristics of gas-water two-phase flow. The experimental results show that in the case of low subcooling, the mass flow rate of steam has a great influence on gas plume, and, as the mass flow rate increases, the main contribution frequency of noise is gradually increasing from low frequency to high frequency. The researches in this paper can provide the technical basis for the design of the deoxygenation system of condenser in onshore and ship nuclear power plant.

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