The integral effect test to simulate the safety injection pump (SIP) failure accompanied by a steam generator tube rupture (SGTR), named a SGTR-SIP-01 test, was performed to investigate the thermal hydraulic phenomena during a multiple failure accident.

In this study, a thermal-hydraulic integral effect facility, ATLAS (Advanced Thermal-hydraulic test Loop for Accident Simulation) was utilized to simulate thermal hydraulic phenomenon which can be occurred in the nuclear power plant, as realistically as possible.

In this SGTR-SIP-01 test, a rupture of five steam generator u-tubes on the steam generator hot-side was simulated. Due to the initiation of SGTR, a reactor was tripped by high steam generator level (HSGL) signal.

During the transient simulation for SGTR-SIP-01 test, major thermal-hydraulic parameters such as the system pressures, the collapsed water levels, the flows in the primary loops, and the fluid temperatures, were measured and analyzed. Through this experimental result, insights about the accident management procedure can be provided in the case of the multiple failure accident, such as a SGTR accident with a total failure of SIPs. In addition to that, for improvement of the system code which are now on developing such SPACE or MARS-KS code, this test data can be utilized for validation and verification work.

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