The case of flow blockage of a single fuel assembly in the JRR-3 20MW open-pool-type research reactor is investigated without taking into account the effect of the power regulation system. The coolant system and multi-channel reactor core are modeled in detail using thermal hydraulic system analysis code RELAP5/MOD3.4. MDNBR (Minimum Departure From Nucleate Boiling Ratio) and the maximum fuel central temperature are investigated to assess the integrity of fuels. The fuel plates in blocked assembly are not damaged until the blockage ratio exceeds 70%. In addition, the mitigative effect of the assumed 18 MW lower power emergency shutdown operation on the accident is also discussed qualitatively. Results indicate that although the assumed lower power emergency shutdown operation cannot avoid the most severe operating condition, it can obviously mitigate the consequences of the accident. The reactor eventually remains in the long-term safe state when natural circulation is established.

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