Nuclear power plant is composed of many structures, systems and components. In the design and development of nuclear power plants, in order to improve their safety, more and more designers realized that the standards and methods of design, manufacture and supervision of nuclear facilities and equipment have changed a lot. In the new period, facing the deteriorating environment, green, safety and environmental protection are all the things we have to pursue in our real life. Therefore, it is urgent to develop clean and efficient nuclear power sources and focus on improving the safety, reliability and economy of nuclear power plants. For extreme accidents that are extremely unlikely, the equipment of nuclear power plant should be kept safe and worthy of further exploration under the design extension conditions. In order to ensure nuclear safety, according to the practical experience at home and abroad and the practice of new nuclear power plant, it is proposed to improve the safety classification theory and method of nuclear power plant equipment. At the same time, combined with the in service inspection, equipment identification, quality assurance requirements, maintainability and technical maturity of nuclear power plant equipment, we comprehensively and deeply study the safety classification of nuclear power plant equipment.

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