Chinese Fusion Engineering Test Reactor (CFETR) is a new test Tokamak device which is now being designed in China to make the transition from the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) to the future Fusion Power Plant (FPP). Breeding blanket is the key component of fusion reactor which is mainly responsible for the tritium self-sufficiency and fusion energy conversion. In the past few years, three kinds of blanket conceptual design schemes have been proposed and tested in parallel for CFETR Phase I, in which the helium cooled solid breeder (HCSB) blanket concept is acknowledged as the most promising one. However, nowadays, the design phase of CFETR has gradually changed from I to II aiming for the future DEMO operation condition, the main parameters of which are quite different from the previous one. Therefore, it’s necessary to perform conceptual design and various analyses for the HCSB blanket under the new working condition. In this work, firstly, a new conceptual design scheme of HCSB blanket for Phase II is put forward. Then, the radial build arrangements, of the two typical blanket modules are optimized by using the NTCOC. This work can provide valuable references for further conceptual design and neutronics/thermal-hydraulic coupling analyses of the HCSB blanket for CFETR Phase II.

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