For electric energy generation, the design organizations of China have developed variants of floating nuclear plants. Depending on the customer requirement one or more power plants could operating in the same sea area at a time. To achieve a high degree of reactor safety, the passive core cooling subsystems is utilized widely on the floating nuclear plants. This paper conducted a preliminary design of the passive residual heat removal system (PRHRS), which is very important for decay hear removal under the ship blackout accident, used on floating nuclear plants. The limitations due to ocean environment including condition of sea wave and wind, space availability and weight limitations have be considered in the design stage. The computation model of PRHRS was established by use RELAP program. The transient behaviors of PRHRS are simulated. The results showed that PRHRS of floating nuclear plants could achieve the function of remove decay heat and keep reactor core safe under the ship blackout accident with the impact of ocean environment.

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