Several tests has been conducted to illustrating the safety performance of a type of package for the transport of natural uranium hexafluoride meet the requirements of GB11806-2004 (Regulations for the safe transport of radioactive material). The requirements of GB11806-2004 are same with the requirements of IAEA SSR6 (Regulations for the safe transport of radioactive material). These tests include heat, cold, reduced external pressure, increased external pressure, free drop, thermal test. Certification testing was performed on full-scale model and a test plan was developed that identified the specific free drop necessary to evaluate both GB11806 and SSR-6 requirements. A total of two 0.6-m free drops were performed. The leaks were detected after each free drop test. The accelerations were recorded for use in finite element structural analyses. This paper reviews the test planning and results with a discussion of how the test and finite element structural analyses were combined.

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