Nuclear accident and nuclear terrorism are of great threats to international security. The countermeasures against nuclear emergency situation should be deliberately considered before it happened. In accordance with experience from Fukushima Daiichi Accident, various kinds of complex situations must be considered at the phase of emergency preparedness. And all related schedules, including national laws and regulations, allocation of responsibility and authority, emergency plans and procedures, facilities, instruments, trainings and exercises must be examined. The appropriateness of the emergency preparedness and the emergency response capability need to be verified through emergency exercises. However, exercises are usually costly and labor-intensive. So, it is necessary to design a software system to help conduct emergency exercises simulation.

A Nuclear Emergency Decision Deduction and Training Platform (NEDDTP) is designed in China Nuclear Security Center of Excellence, which aims at performing the simulation of nuclear emergency process and providing a training platform for emergency workers. 3D models, the environment of nuclear power plant (NPP), some physical numerical models for simulating and several typical nuclear emergency scenarios for training are included in the platform. NEDDTP realizes the function of digitization of scenario, emergency simulation, resource management, command and dispatch, process record and evaluation in exercise, and it also provide VR display for emergency workers.

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