In order to solve the problem that the current unloading operation will destroy the sealing performance of Miniature Neutron Source Reactor (MNSR) reactor vessel and the tightness can’t be restored, and to meet the application requirements that the original reactor vessel will be reloaded and operated after MNSR LEU conversion, the new unloading device is designed, which can be used without separation of reactor vessel. There has only one fuel assembly in MNSR. When the fuel assembly are unload for MNSR LEU conversion, the cover plate of the pool is removed, the cadmium string is put in, and the neutron detector is placed at first. After removing the drive mechanism and the control rod, and opening the small cover plate at the top of reactor vessel, the fuel assembly can be grabbed and unloaded by unloading tool only through the opening of the small top cover plate. The MNSR spent fuel has very high radioactivity. The auxiliary mechanical device can be used with unloading tools to realize operation in a long distance by lifting and level motion, which is convenient to shield and can reduce the works’ irradiation dose level effectively. Through calculation and analysis, the results show that the structure strength of unloading device is much larger than the actual load to ensure operation safety and reliability. The unloading device is easy to process and operate, and can be used in the practical operation of MNSR LEU conversion or decommissioning at home and abroad to simplify the operation steps and improve the working efficiency.

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