The pressure and coolant temperature of Heating-reactor of Advanced low-Pressurized and Passive safetY system (HAPPY200) is significantly lower than PWR of the NPP, the core design and analysis were completed according to the design parameters and features of HAPPY200. The fuel assembly and its feature was firstly designed and studied based on the investigation of different types of fuel assemblies. Then the core configuration was studied and optimized according to the design parameters of HAPPY200; Eventually, neutronics calculation of the core was performed and key parameters were obtained including cycle length, power distribution, control rod worth, reactivity coefficients and etc. The study shows that with the core design HAPPY200 can be operated for 18 months in full power and reactivity control system can maintain criticality of the core in the full cycle. Due to the non-soluble boron design of the reactivity control scheme, moderator temperature coefficient and isothermal temperature coefficient are both negative, the Doppler temperature coefficients and power coefficients in different phase of the lifetime and in different power levels are also negative, therefore, the reactivity safety of the reactor core can be ensured.

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