The 2D/1D fusion method (2D/1D method) is becoming a popular transport method for whole-core calculations, which reduces the group condense and assembly homogenization approximations in the conventional two-step reactor physics calculations. In most 2D/1D codes, a pin is chosen as a 1D calculation domain, which assumes that the axial leakage of the pin is flat on top/bottom surfaces. Similar to the axial leakage, the radial leakage of every 2D plane also introduces several approximations along axial direction for the 1D calculation. In this paper a 2D/1D fusion code is developed, while a leakage reconstruction method is proposed and applied. In this 2D/1D fusion code, MOC is applied to the radial 2D calculation and the Sn diamond difference method is used for the axial 1D calculation. Numerical results indicate that the 2D/1D fusion code developed in this paper is precise in three-dimensional transport calculation and show the performance of this leakage reconstruction method especially when the leakage term is significant.

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