Accelerator used for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT) is the development trend of cancer treatment in the future. Neutron generator is a neutron source with compact structure, easy to operate, and lower price in accelerator (the structure of neutron tube is more compact). It has a high feasibility of establishing in the hospital when compared with other types of accelerator. At present, the D-D reaction has higher neutron yield than other reactions, more easy to get D material. Therefore, the epithermal neutron beam based on D-D neutron generator is studied for BNCT usage.

First, the calculation model is established by MCNP program, including the neutron source model, the geometric model of the irradiation device. The specific neutron energy spectrum and angular distribution of the D-D reaction are theoretically analyzed when establishing the D-D reaction neutron source model. The basic structure models of typical irradiation devices are designed, and then the optimal suitable moderator material for the irradiation device is studied from the neutron reaction cross section, the combination of iron and Fluental materials is optimum.

The irradiation device with multi D-D neutron tubes’ combination as BNCT neutron source is designed. It can be concluded by study that the parameters at the beam exit are epithermal neutron flux density 2.01 × 108 n/cm2 · s, fast neutron contamination 1.33 × 10−11 Gy · cm2/n, γ contamination 5.79 × 10−17 Gy · cm2/n, for the combination with 6 neutron tubes. The result can meet IAEA’s requirements for BNCT epithermal neutron beam quality.

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