Modular boiling water reactor (MBWR) can be considered as a small sized economic simplified boiling water reactor (ESBWR). It has the advantage of easier fabrication, transportation and construction. In this paper, a 65MWe MBWR core was designed with natural circulation, passive safety features, high power density and an 18 months fuel cycle. The MBWR core consists of 104 fuel assemblies with 4.6 w/o U-235, the assemblies were divided into 3 batches based on the depletion level, the batches shuffled at the end of each cycle. The core converged to equilibrium after 8 fuel cycles. A steady-state equilibrium fuel cycle depletion analysis was performed over a 540 day cycle using the HELIOS and PARCS software. The control blades insertion patterns were chosen to minimize axial and radial power peaking and provide uniform burnup throughout the cycle. At the end of the equilibrium cycle, 16% of total control blade worth remained inserted and the average assembly burnup is 21.318 GWd/MTHM. Thermal hydraulic analysis was also performed to insure the core’s safety feature.

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