The UK Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) recently launched an R&D programme in Digital Reactor Design, incorporating the development of a Nuclear Virtual Engineering Capability with an integrated Modelling and Simulation programme. A key challenge of nuclear reactor design and analysis is the system complexity, which arises from a wide range of multi-physics phenomena being important across multiple length scales. This project constitutes the first step towards developing an integrated nuclear digital environment (INDE) linking together models across physical domains and incorporating real world data across all stages of the nuclear lifecycle. Simulation case studies will be developed within the INDE framework, delivering an enhanced modelling capability while ensuring the framework has immediate application. For these case studies have been specified that are relevant to design and operation phases for AGR and PWR type reactors. The AGR case considers the through-life structural performance of graphite bricks. This involves modelling of multi-scale, multi-physics phenomena in the support of reactor operations. The PWR case study is based on core multiphysics modelling, with potential relevance to operating and future PWRs, and in particular in the design of SMRs.

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