In the continuous operation process of Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), its configuration is full of variety over time because of the system’s dynamic characteristics. There is a great need to update the risk/safety analysis models when it becomes necessary to reflect those dynamic characteristics of the system/component. Most of the current methods for risk/safety analysis belong to the scope of safety pre-analyzing, which analyzes the system risk/safety before system being in service. The main purpose of these safety pre-analyzing is to guide system design and optimization, but the real-time operational risk/safety analysis of NPPs is considered little. In order to know well the real-time risk/safety for system, a System Safety Analysis Method based on Real-time Online Risk Monitoring Technology is proposed. The safety risk model is established based on the modular fault tree that is used to represent logic structure of system. The real-time risk/safety is monitored according to the correspondence monitoring signal or data of component/system. Simultaneously the method can account for the change of risks based on the established mapping relationship between the state transition rules and corresponding risk/safety model updating rules. Finally, a case monitoring the safety for the system of two redundant pumps was used to demonstrate the effectiveness of the method.

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