At present, in the typical design of China’s nuclear power plant, main generation system is connected to the power grid by 500 kV system. 500 kV system as a priority power source, 220kV system as an auxiliary power source. Independent operation of 500kV and 220kV system, improved the reliability of power supply of nuclear power plant. However, the DC 220V power system used to control the 500kV and 220kV system in the switch station of partial nuclear power project is not independently configured, and the design form of one set of DC system is used in the transformer station. In recent years, there are many accidents that AC power enters into the DC power system, resulted in the loss of power source in the transformer station. The loss of external power source in the whole plant is very significant. In this paper, the influence of AC power entering into DC power system on relay protection device is analyzed, the measures to prevent the AC power into DC power system are discussed, the necessity of independent configuration of DC control power system for the 500kV priority power system and 220kV auxiliary power supply system is analyzed.

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