Fire Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) is one of the main methods of fire safety analysis for nuclear power plants (NPPs). At present, the fire PRA under the at-power condition has been widely studied, while the research on the low power and shutdown condition (LPSD) is quite limited. Therefore, in this paper, a second generation NPP on the east coast of China is taken as the research target, and the analysis methods are based on the latest LPSD fire PRA theory in report NUREG/CR-7114. This paper studies the initiating events and ignition frequencies of fire PRA considering the real conditions in LPSD, and established LPSD Fire PRA model, finally obtained the quantitative risk result of the core damage caused by the fire According to the results of this LPSD fire PRA, the fire risk-significant sources and fire risk weakness are found out and the improvement suggestions have been promoted.

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