Free standing spent fuel storage racks are submerged in water contained with spent fuel pool. During a postulated earthquake, the water surrounding the racks is accelerated and the so-called fluid-structure interaction (FSI) is significantly induced between water, racks and the pool walls[1].

The added mass is an important input parameter for the dynamic structural analysis of the spent fuel storage rack under earthquake[2]. The spent fuel storage rack is different even for the same vendors. Some rack are designed as the honeycomb construction, others are designed as the end-tube-connection construction. Therefore, the added mass for those racks have to be measured for the new rack’s design. More importantly, the added mass is influenced by the layout of the rack in the spent fuel pool.

In this paper, an experiment is carried out to measure the added mass by free vibration test. The measured fluid force of the rack is analyzed by Fourier analysis to derive its vibration frequency. The added mass is then evaluated by the vibration frequency in the air and water. Moreover, a two dimensional CFD model of the spent fuel rack immersed in the water tank is built. The fluid force is obtained by a transient analysis with the help of dynamics mesh method.

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