From the view of practical engineering application, a compacter nuclear power plant is expected. The weight and the volume of a nuclear power plant can be reduced by optimal selection of the operational parameters. In this work, a thermal-hydraulic model of the reactor, mathematical models of the reactor vessel, the main pipe, the pressurizer, the steam generator, the turbine and the condenser were established for the Qinshan-I nuclear power plant based on the related technical materials. The responses of the optimal targets to the changes of the design variables were studied by the sensitivity analyses. The non-dominated solution front of the nuclear power plant was obtained by means of the immune memory clone constrained multi-objective optimization algorithm. The study shows that the component mathematical models are reliable for the optimization process, the distribution of the non-dominated solution is decided by the steam generator secondary pressure. The volume and the weight of the system could be at least reduced by 23.0% and 9.5%, respectively.

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