SPICRI (State Power Investment Central Research Institute) is developing a new conceptual design of heating-reactor, named Heating-reactor of Advanced low-Pressurized and Passive safetY system (HAPPY), which is targeted for the district heating, desalination of seawater, and other heat applications. It is a 200MWth two-loop low-pressurized water reactor with low thermal parameters. The whole reactor vessel is deployed inside a shielding and cooling pool with thermal insulation measure. The conceptual design of HAPPY is described in this paper, including the design criteria, safety features, main parameters and main components.

A preliminary safety analysis is carried out to provide a reference for the design and optimization of HAPPY. In this paper, four different LOCA analyses are described and compared. The results show that the current design can deal well with all the selected LOCA scenarios and the effectiveness of the safety systems is proved.

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