A novel combined small modular reactor (SMR) and gas turbine cycle is presented. This SMR-GT cycle is modeled using fundamental thermodynamic relationships and compared to existing state-of-the-art power generation cycles. The SMR-GT cycle includes an 82 MWe SMR cycle that is combined with a 54 MWe gas turbine cycle. A heat exchanger is used to extract energy from the gas turbine exhaust to create superheated main steam and provide reheat downstream of the LP turbine. This results in a 32 MWe increase in the SMR cycle for total unit output of 136 MWe.

Comparisons of thermal efficiency, heat rate, CO2 emissions, and net generation are made between a stand-alone SMR, a typical combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT), standalone gas turbine and the combined SMR-GT cycles. Several advantages of the SMR-GT cycle are discussed.

In addition, the rapid deployment of a gas turbine allows for a power station to deliver power and earn revenue prior to completion of the more complex SMR portion of the plant. The SMR portion of the cycle also reduces the overall fuel cost volatility associated with gas turbine based power station.

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