The nuclear power plant with two modular high-temperature gas-cooled reactors (HTR-PM) is under construction now. The control room of HTR-PM is designed. This paper introduces the alarm displays in the control room, and describes some verification and validation (V&V) activities of the alarm system, especially verification for some new human factor issues of the alarm system in the two modular design. In HTR-PM, besides the regular V&V similar to other NPPs, the interference effect of the alarm rings of the two reactor modules at the same time, and the potential discomfort of the two reactor operators after shift between them are focused. Verifications at early stage of the two issues are carried on the verification platform of the control room before the integrated system validation (ISV), and all the human machine interfaces (HMIs) in the control room, including the alarm system are validated in ISV. The test results on the verification platform show that the alarm displays and rings can support the operators understand the alarm information without confusion of the two reactors, and the shift between the two reactor operators have no adverse impact on operation. The results in ISV also show that the alarm system can support the operators well.

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