The 200 MWth nuclear heat reactor II (NHR200-II) is a typical integral pressurized water reactor (iPWR) being developed by the institute of nuclear and new energy technology (INET) in Tsinghua university. The NHR200-II, which has inherent safety features such as full-range natural circulation, passive residual heat removal, self-pressurization and control rod hydraulically driving, can be adopted as a clean base-load energy source for a sea-water desalination plant having the process of multi-effect desalination with thermal vapor compression (MED-TVC). Dynamic modelling of the sea-water desalination plant coupled by the NHR200-II and MED-TVC is necessary for the design of its plant control strategy, which is important for the stable and efficient operation. In this paper, a lumped parameter dynamic model of NHR200II-based sea-water desalination plant with the process of MED-TVC is proposed based upon the conservation laws of mass, momentum and energy. The modeling verification in both the steady-state and open-loop dynamic-state are given, which show the suitability of applying this model for control system design. Finally, the closed-loop responses in the case of power-level maneuver from 100% to 50% full power is given.

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