There was a common use of instrument and control (I&C) system based on analog technology in design and construction of nuclear power plant built more than ten years ago. With the development and update of automation technology, digital control system has almost completely replaced the older generation technology in many areas of industry. For the nuclear power plant still using the analog I&C system, it caused the reduction of the production lines of related components and the lack of specified technical engineer. Along with the aging and obsolescence of analog technology equipment, the unsustainability of spares prompted the owners of nuclear power plant to implement modernization using digital technologies. Different from the design of digital control system in new nuclear power plant, the modernization project design is limited by the setting of the original system. Therefore, most owners adopt the function alternative strategy to implement the upgrading project. This strategy can effectively solve the problem of spares shortage, but it is difficult to fully elaborate the advantages of digital control system. Based on the technical characteristics of digital control system and the design experience derived from new nuclear power project construction, this paper puts forward the optimized design measures, under the limitation of the old power plant, to enhance the safety and economy of the nuclear power plant after final digital upgrading.

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