The aim of this work is to show a preliminary investigation on the propagation of electromagnetic fields generated by wireless technologies inside a nuclear facility or power plant. First, a survey of currently proposed wireless technologies for nuclear facilities and plants has been carried out. Then, for selected scenarios, the electromagnetic field propagation has been studied by means of electromagnetic simulation tools, and the presence of the nuclear environment has been simulated by properly modeling environmental parameters and engineered barriers. The choice of the proper simulation techniques and tools is mandatory in order to simulate the effect of the realistic environment on the propagation. Accordingly, the feasibility of wireless technologies application at nuclear facilities can be assessed on the basis of results achieved from simulated scenarios. The goal is to analyze, for selected scenarios, possible issues due to the propagation of an electromagnetic field in presence of simplified barriers mimicking the real nuclear environment. This approach can provide indications on how to deploy potential benefits of wireless technologies in a nuclear environment, evaluating pros and cons of the investigated technologies.

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