This paper introduces a method to control the calculation progress of the RELAP5 codes and integrate them with other codes by interacting boundary data (such as general tables, TDVs and TDJs) at each step.

This work is basically finished with the support of the RINSIM simulation platform. The paper gives a brief introduction on RINSIM that how it controls the codes progress, sends the codes control commands, shares the values of different codes’ common blocks or modules.

However, the work can’t be done by just using the RINSIM, it also needs to modify RELAP5 codes. With the codes’ modification of commands responding, data reading/writing interface, data interacting interface, time step control and so on, we can build interface subroutines to integrate codes onto the RINSIM.

At the end, the paper gives out the result of a transient calculation with an advanced PWR model. Compared to some old integration method, the new method has far more strong stability. And the result shows that the integration progress of the code does not obviously affect the calculation accuracy, but definitely extends the application fields because of the multiple functions supplied by the RINSIM.

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