The paper presents a Relap5 study of the influence of the centrifugal pump characteristics on the dynamic loads on piping system after power failure. Interpolated and experimental pump characteristics are used.

The differences between the interpolated and measured pump curves, the general description of Relap5 model and results of calculations in form of selected time curves for rotational speed, volume flow, pressures and dynamic forces are presented and discussed.

The analysis of the results shows that the maximal dynamic force on pipe section calculated with experimental pump curves can be up to 6 % higher than respective calculated using interpolated curves. However, it is not possible to determine to what extent the differences are caused by the interpolation itself or caused by the differences in the design of the centrifugal pumps. The latter since it differs more than 50 years between the pumps whose characteristics are used for interpolation and the pumps with corresponding experimental characteristics.

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