For PWR, remote shutdown station (RSS) is a redundant control mean to shut down the reactor when main control room (MCR) inhabitation is challenged (e.g. fire, smoke...). Nowadays, due to nuclear power plants control measures were improved with DCS system, a full function DCS RSS was equipped and more essential equipment could be controlled on RSS.

Under operating conditions that prohibit nuclear power plant operators to stay in the main control room, the operators should move to RSS and shutdown the reactor to ensure plant safety following <Moving to remote shutdown station when main control room is un-inhabitable operating strategy> (RSS strategy for short) to fallback the plant from power operation to cold shutdown. The original operating strategy by nature circulation is no longer the best choice both for operation safety and economy efficiency, and an optimized new strategy should be raised.

Based on the former reason, an optimized operation strategy was raised in this paper. In the optimized strategy, all plant normal standard operation modes were considered as initial conditions, rather than only considering power operation condition in the original one. The fallback mode and fallback strategy for each initial condition was also designed and optimized. To accelerate the depression and heat removal process, a forced circulation operation strategy is adopted when the reactor coolant pumps are available, and less local operation was included by taking advantages of the full function operating measures on RSS. To simplify the whole procedure structure, the operation modules of other general operating procedures are reused.

To validate the effectiveness of the optimized operating strategy, a full scope PWR simulation tool was employed to make thermo hydraulic calculation validation of the reactor response and also the remote control station HMI supporting validation. By simulating the original strategy and the optimized one and related analysis, we found that the optimized strategy is effective, and able to be executed based on the remote control station hardware. By executing the optimized strategy, the unit can fall back to the cold shutdown condition safely and a few hours were saved compared with the original strategy. The optimized strategy had already been implemented on real PWR nuclear power plant.

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