The Supercritical CO2 Direct Cycle Gas Fast Reactor (SC-GFR) is a Generation IV reactor. The thermal properties of supercritical carbon dioxide are different from helium gas. Therefore, it is necessary to develop its dynamic model and study its control system. A mathematical model is developed for the SC-GFR. One prompt neutron group point kinetics equations with six groups of delayed neutrons is applied in the model. The core consists of an assembly of hexagonal fuel elements: the innovative Tube-in-Duct (TID) fuel assembly. Steady-state calculation is performed and the results are compared with the design data. The transient results are analyzed and the responses are reasonable in theory. The transient results show that the model can properly predict the SC-GFR dynamics. The study showed that it is not only feasible to build a numerical model of the SC-GFR, but also the control system can satisfy the design purposes.

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