The variation law of motor vibration with load under saturation of magnetic circuit is one of the focus of motor vibration research. T-type equivalent circuit method is shown to be a suitable engineering analysis way. In this paper, the variation of magnetic flux density under saturation state was analyzed by using a small induction motor, and a physical model of magnetic saturation and motor vibration was established by the way of T-shaped equivalent circuit. Based on the physical model, the vibration mechanism of the motor under the saturated magnetic circuit was analyzed and the motor vibration simulation with different load conditions was carried out by the finite element method. Finally, a vibration test rig for motor under load was built and the simulation results were verified by experiments. The results show that when the motor load is less than the rated load, the amplitudes of the electromagnetic force in the middle and high frequency band change little. When the load is close to or higher than the rated value, the harmonic components of electromagnetic force in the middle and high frequency bands increase, and the amplitudes gradually increases due to the saturation of the magnetic circuit. Therefore, in the low-noise motor design, motor torque performance and vibration noise performance should be considered to optimize the saturation control of the magnetic circuit.

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