Nuclear safety law and regulation related to the field of public acceptance and nuclear education of nuclear power (NP) is in blank, which seriously restricts the sustainable development of nuclear energy. In order to make up for nuclear safety legal system in the field of public acceptance of nulcear power plant (NPP) and education of NP and related fields, this paper provides data and gives some advice. The investigation used a random sample survey method to made a field survey of 301 people living near inland NPP. In this survey, 55.48% of people are concerned about NPPs development in their daily life, 73.09% of people support the development of NPPs, 63.79% of people are against NPPs built in the vicinity of their own, 30.90% of people think that NPPs is safe, 76.08% of people worry about the harmful impact on the surrounding residents, 81.06% of people know and learn the knowledge of NP by television and internet, 19.93% of people know the related knowledge of NP by government propaganda. In conclusion, most of people support and pay attention to the development of inland NPP, but they do not have a deep understanding of nuclear safety so they do not fully accept the inland NPP. It is suggested that we should increase information publicity of public network, promote popular science propaganda about NPP by government, improve nuclear safety laws and regulations, and strengthen the study on the psychological mechanism of public NP. If we can do all of this, it will help to improve the development of inland NPP Using the internet and television popularizes the NPP Invite officials from the site of the new NPP station and the relevant people in the surrounding regions to visit the NPP which has been built and participate in nuclear safety related knowledge training. Speeding up the process of “nuclear safety” law and perfecting the laws and regulations for protecting the safety and rights of public.

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