The harmonious development of economic, energy and environment is an important premise to realize the objective of China’s modernization. Currently, different parts of China have different main energy source, while nuclear power development has many opportunities and challenges. This paper considers the current trends of energy needs in China, and discusses the different influencing factors of energy needs throughout China.

In addition, this paper will focus on the potential nuclear power development in China, which mainly focuses on policy, technology, nuclear security and social attitude. Then it will focus on the application in Shenzhen (Daya Bay). Based on previous analysis, technical/engineering feasibility and site feasibility are considered in this part. Finally, a number of recommendations for nuclear development management in China will be given. These recommendations will help the public to have a basic understanding of nuclear power management, and to improve the social attitude of China’s nuclear energy development.

In all, this paper puts forward the management methodology of nuclear power industry, which has positive significance for the field of nuclear power education. Meanwhile, the paper will play a positive role on popularize the knowledge of nuclear power to the public.

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