Nuclear emergency is the important component part of the defense in depth philosophy of nuclear safety, which is the last barrier to protect public in a nuclear accident. According to Chinese codes and standards which are Regulations on the Nuclear Accident in Nuclear Power Plant and Emergency Preparedness and Emergency Response of the Research Reactor (HAD002/06), the research reactor operation units should carry out a comprehensive emergency drill at least once every two years, in order to check the effect of the emergency training about the on-site emergency organization and verify the usefulness and feasibility of the emergency plan. Therefore, the Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology (INET), Tsinghua University, had drew up the comprehensive emergency plan, conducted the emergency practice in December 2015, and tested the emergency preparedness of multiple research nuclear installations including the 10MW high temperature gas-cooled reactor (HTR-10), 5MW test heating reactor, shielding-experimental reactor, etc. The purpose, accident scenarios, process, and key content of the emergency drill were descripted in details, the design of the guiding worksheets which were adopted in the emergency drill of INET for the first time were distinctly introduced, and the effect of these guiding worksheets was explicitly discussed. The whole process of the drill in INET in 2015 was reviewed and summarized, the experience feedback of which can supply useful reference information and recommendations for the development of the emergency drill of research reactors.

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