The motion of CRDM (Control Rod Drive Mechanism) is affected by the electro-magnetic force and the fluid resistance, also the movement process affected the control system. In this paper, we considered all the coupled factor and try to decouple the problem to several simple problems. We supposed 3 decoupling methods, and try to verification each assumption, and finally we found that an assumption is valid — the electromagnetic force is mainly affected by the displacement of CRDM in the attract process of kinetic jaw armature and kinetic jaw magnetic pole. We studied the fluid resistance force by CFD simulation, and exported the force to the electromagnetic model which is built by Infolytica/Magnet, the control system model is built by Matlab/Simulink coupling interface.

In order to simulate the continuous movement process of CRDM, we studied the boundary data at each time period, and linked each period by in-house code. Then we tested the coupling simulation, listed the duration time of electric current and the movement duration time of mechanism. Compare to the test data, the maximum error is 17%. On the whole, this solution coupled CFD, electro-magnetic and control system, the simulation result can help engineers to optimize the control algorithm and shape design in a certain extent.

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