The objective was to develop a validated computational fluid dynamics (CFD) based approach for predicting hydrogen detonations and the mechanical loads. Applications of interest were scenarios relevant to hydrogen explosion risk assessment in nuclear power plant under hypothetical severe accident. Model developments were conducted within the framework of the parallel scientific computational tool GASFLOW-MPI thanks to its effectiveness, reliability and robustness in predicting all-speed flows. Validation was completed for hydrogen detonation phenomena in 3-D hemispherical hydrogen cloud. Excellent comparisons between experimental data and model predictions were observed. With the developed detonation modeling capability, the all-speed CFD code GASFLOW-MPI can be applied to model both turbulent dispersion and hydrogen detonation phenomena that occurred in the nuclear reactor containment during severe accident. Further model developments and validations will be performed for flame acceleration (FA) and deflagration to detonation transition (DDT).

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