During a severe accident when a corium is ejected from the reactor vessel into the containment, one of the mitigations strategy to contain radioactivity from discharging in to environment and to keep containment under design pressure is to use containment flirted venting system (CFVS). In this paper the key phenomena related to the operation and performance in the components of the CFVS system, pool venture scrubber, cyclone separator, particulate filter, and molecular sieve filters were identified. Based on these phenomena a scaling analysis was performed that was based on system level and local phenomena level scaling. For system level scaling boundary flow, mass flux, pressure and temperature were preserved. On the local phenomena scaling various phenomena were considered. Scaling analysis was also carried out for scrubber system, cyclone and filter. Utilizing a scaled down model from 50 nozzles in the prototype to three nozzles in the scaled model, the flow parameters for the model facility scrubber were obtained. Using these parameters, the governing non-dimensional parameters were obtained for prototype and model facility. The scaling ratios for all the relevant parameters are summarized in this paper.

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