CAP1400 is GenIII passive PWR, which was developed based on Chinese 40 years of experience in nuclear power R&D, construction&operation, as well as introduction and assimilation of AP1000. Severe accidents prevention and mitigation measures were systematically considered during the design and analysis. In order to accommodate high power and further improve the safety of the plant, also considering feedback from Fukushima accident, some innovative measures and design requirements were also applied. Based on the probabilistic&deterministic analysis and engineering judgment, considerable severe accidents scenarios were considered. Both severe accidents initiated at power and shutdown condition were analyzed. Insights were also obtained to decide the challenge to the plant. All known severe accidents phenomena and their treatment were considered in the design. In vessel retention (IVR) was applied as one of the severe accident mitigation measures. To improve the margin of IVR success and verify the heat removal capability through reactor pressure vessel, both design innovative measures and experiments were used. The melt pool behavior and corium pool configuration were also studied by using CFD code and thermodynamic code. Hydrogen risk was mitigated by installation of hydrogen igniters, which were comprised of two serials, and were powered by multiple power sources. To further improve the safety, six extra hydrogen passive recombiners were also added in the containment. Hydrogen risk was analyzed both inside containment and outside containment considering leakage effect. Other severe accident phenomena were also considered by designed or analyzed to show the containment robustness to accommodate it. As one of the Fukushima accident feedback, full scope severe accident management guideline were developed by considering both power condition and shutdown condition, accident management for spent fuel pool was also considered. As the basis of accident management during severe accidents, survivability of equipments and instruments that are necessary in severe accident were assessed and will be further tested and/or analyzed. Such tests will consider severe accident conditions arised from hydrogen combustion.

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