During a nuclear plant accident, five accident events are usually considered, including core uncovery, core outlet temperature arrived at 650 °C, core support plate failure, reactor vessel failure and containment failure. In accident emergency aspect, when an accident happens, the initial event can be utilized in the severe accident management system which is based on MAAP to simulate the long process of the accident, so as to provide support for operators to take actions. However, in MAAP, many sensitivity parameters exist, which reflect phenomenological uncertainty or models uncertainty and will influence the happening time of the five accident events above. In this paper, based on MAAP5 and LOCAs, the CPR1000 is simulated to analyze the influences of MAAP5’s sensitivity parameters reflecting phenomenological uncertainty on the accident process, which is aimed to find out the sensitivity parameters associated to the five important accident events and build the database between these sensitivity parameters and five accident events’ happening time. Then, based on the research above, a preliminary approach to optimize the MAAP5’s accidents simulation is introduced, which is realized by adjusting sensitivity parameters. Finally, the application of this research will be showed in a severe accident management system developed by us. The research results offer great reference significance for the severe accident simulation and prediction in MAAP5.

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