It is more and more concerned after Fukushima Daiichi about spent fuel pool severe accident management, and it is also required by the regulatory body of NSC (Nuclear and Radiation Safety Center). During such a beyond design basis event, spent fuel assembly becomes over-heated and finally damaged. In order to prevent and stop SFP (spent fuel pool) severe accident process, strategies should be developed when existing procedures are no longer effective or available. This paper gives a development approach of CPR1000 NPP (nuclear power plant) SFP severe accident management guidelines. According to this development approach, the framework of SFP severe accident management guidelines has been developed. To fulfill the strategies and framework for SPF severe accident guidelines, calculation of typical accident cases and determination analysis are carried out using PSA method, based on investigation and survey of international severe accident management procedures research status, considering the characteristics of CPR1000 NPP and SFP design. Then related actions and proper times are proposed, which would help to develop detailed severe accident management guidelines (SAMG) of SFP.

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