AREVA is the only global player in this D&D and Waste Management domain which can propose its huge feedback in Europe and worldwide for all kind of nuclear facilities (from mining, chemical, fuel and recycling plants, Research Reactors to Nuclear Power Plants to legacy waste retrieval).

To be owner and operator of sites in dismantling phases with a lot of waste to retrieve, treat and package for final storage, gives AREVA a global view=on important key parameters of this kind of projects for more than 40 years.

Specificities of D&D and associated Waste projects are multiple:

Complexity of operations to perform in buildings not designed for these tasks.

Big components to decontaminate and to cut.

Innovation, skills and Research and Development needs to solve and anticipate projects issues.

Safety and security for workers and populations.

Environmental issues to solve (contaminated soil to sort for example, or water to decontaminate).

Risks management during all project life using lessons learnt.

Costs optimization from the most important project phase: scenario and studies of the operations.

• Amount and type of waste (alpha with contamination, gamma with irradiation, high volume of very low level waste with or without free release opportunities).

• Interfaces with waste transports and storage facilities.

• ...

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