Fukushima nuclear accident has aroused concern about ionizing radiation damage to the marine environment. It is subjective to assess the accident’s effects on the marine ecological environment during different scholars, because of different understanding of nuclide release quantity, dose estimation models and parameters. To solve this problem, a gradually progressive research approach is designed based on a coastal nuclear power plant in study, which is “from influencing factors analyzing to biological dose assessment, and to uncertainty analysis”. First, the factors affecting the biological dose assessment will be analyzed, and then the concerns of the various factors and their impact on the results of the assessment will be discussed. Second, the biological dose will be assessed based on appropriate dose mode after selecting representative species and analyzing critical exposure pathway. Finally, the uncertainty of radionuclide release quantity, dilution factor, concentration factor, dose conversion factor will be analyzed. The study will provide reliable scientific bases to identify the factors impact biological dose assessment effectively, and improve the accuracy of the dose evaluation.

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