The first hot test have been completed at China Reprocessing and Radiochemistry Laboratory in September to December 2015. According to the technology process and radiation protection requires, the radioactive aerosol monitoring and airborne radioactive effluence monitoring was taken in workplace. During the hot test, the maximum concentration of α and β radioactive aerosol in controlled area I was 9.66Bq/m3 and 1.33×103Bq/m3, and the concentration of α and β radioactive aerosol in supervised area and controlled area II was under the authorized limits, which was 1.0–6.0×10−3Bq/m3 and 1.0–7.0×10−2Bq/m3. The leakage of radioactive aerosol from sealing chamber was not found. The concentration of airborne radioactive effluence in supervised area reached the discharge standard, which was α: under 7.0×10−3Bq/m3 and β: under 3.0×10−2Bq/m3. For the dissolution process, the concentration of 85Kr and 129I was significant parameters to monitored.

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