For nuclear fuel reprocessing plants, some materials with high activity have been collected in the product container in the process of spent fuel reprocessing. In order to ensure the staff’s occupational radiation safety, an analysis of product container radiation shielding and source terms is crucial to determine the total activity limit and the activity limit range of different rays while reprocessing radioactive materials in the product container, so as to determine the working time limitation. A basic calculation result shows that generally alpha particles are not taken into consideration when calculating its occupational radiation effect for product container. In order to reduce the radiation exposure caused by neutron and gamma ray, radiation nuclides such as actinides and activated products which have a high neutron and gamma yield, and also the total nuclide amount should be controlled. In addition, the purification of nuclide emitting pure beta ray such as 90Sr, 90Y, 106Ru, 106Rh should be strictly supervised in order to restrict the beta ray exposure and its bremsstrahlung effect.

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