It’s necessary to establish a high-precision analytical method of Gas Chromatography (GC) for achieving the rapid detection of trace hydrogen and methane in cycling process gas of fusion reactors. The analysis of H2, CH4 with concentrations from 0.5ppm to 5000ppm were detected through the application of Discharge Ionization Detector (DID) in high purity helium and the column of molecular sieve, whose parameters was 15m×0.53mm×50μm.

The studies have shown that the retention time of H2, CH4 were 36s and 71s, respectively, their relatively standard deviation (RSD) of area responses were severally below 1.0% and 0.5%, which illustrated good repeatability. Separately, the detection limit (DL) were no more than 10ppb and 2ppb of H2 and CH4 with high column efficiency, while the column temperature was 40°C and the flow rate was 15mL/min. Meanwhile their values of R2 were all larger than 0.999, which included a better linearity relationship between area response and concentration. This method has already applied to the on-line measurement of molecular sieve adsorption, the analysis of electrochemical hydrogen pump and methane decomposition, etc.

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