Tomographic gamma scanning (TGS) method is one of the most advanced non-destructive assay (NDA) methods. TGS method can determine quantitatively with high accuracy transuranic nuclides in heterogeneously distributed media with medium- and high-density, and is thus widely used to assay the location and quantity of selected radioisotopes in scraps and wastes within sealed containers. In this paper, a prototype of tomographic gamma scanner which we designed is introduced. The TGS system is composed with four parts: external source with front collimator, radioactive material drum turning table, HPGe γ detector assembly including back collimator and cooling system, and computer. Successful implementation of the work has broken through the difficult problems or restraints to the development and applications of TGS, it will be applied widely to the non-destructive assay of nuclear materials within sealed container in the nuclear safeguards, radwaste measurement and arms control fields.

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