With the introduction of third generation of nuclear power AP1000, Westinghouse uses the mobile device (a mobile wastewater treatment device 6 units shared) radioactive waste system design concepts. This design not only simplifies the process of nuclear island waste system; saves equipment layout space; improves equipment utilization; while increases the use of new technologies lifetime of the plant and the possibility of flexibility. This paper introduces the first AP1000 unit (Sanmen, Zhejiang Province) by using the advanced mobile device technology and application of wastewater treatment under the condition of the primary coolant source level. At the same time, the paper also discusses the periodic system inspection and the strategy of maintenance. In addition, the paper further expands the application direction of the mobile waste processing aspects, such as: decommissioning of nuclear facilities; enhancing the facility decommissioning radioactive liquid waste purification capability. Another example: After the Fukushima accident, people pay more attention to accident-mitigation-design and hope to accelerate the development of emergency radioactive liquid waste processing devices. Thus, in addition to strengthening the nuclear power plant inherent defense in depth and resistance emergency capability, mobile waste treatment device or combination device special regional settings can be made to improve and enhance the ability to get more diversified emergency response.

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